“The World of Hope” Association is a public benefit organization based in Wrocław, Poland, working to encourage the social participation of people with intellectual disabilities and mental disorders, mostly through art and inclusion into the city’s cultural life. We collaborate with acclaimed artists, leading cultural organizations, municipal institutions and non-government organizations working with disabled and mentally impaired people. Our key projects are: the ArtBrut Galery and Studio for Encouraging Social Participation, and the “The Art of Being Active” Programme.                                                                                                                                   


Due to the worsening epidemiological situation, the ArtBrut Gallery & Studio works in a hybrid system. Until the end of November 2020 the Gallery is closed to visitors.

All events will only be available online. We invite you to visit our websites and keep track of events in social media.

Sanitary restrictions apply during all activities and events in the ArtBrut Gallery & Studio. Detailed guidelines related to the pandemic are available here.



Established in 2009 in Wrocław by  The World of Hope Association, the ArtBrut Gallery and Studio for Encouraging Social Participation presents and actively promotes art and other creative efforts by people with intellectually disabilities and mental disorders, encourages their social integration, and seeks to raise awareness of the problems faced by this social group.

The ArtBrut Gallery and Studio holds exhibitions and in-gallery events such as creative workshops, meet-the-artist events and therapeutic sessions to encourage the social inclusion of people with special needs such as learning independent life skills by running an art gallery.

Since its inception, the gallery has hosted over 30 solo and group shows promoting art by people with disabilities and mental disorders as well as building an art collection and amassing an extensive multimedia documentation of its activities.
Unlike most such organizations in Poland, the Gallery and Studio has no permanent endowments, operating as a long-term non-commercial project whose sources of funding vary from year to year.

In 2013 ArtBrut Gallery picked up a WARTO cultural award for visual arts, given by Gazeta Wyborcza. In previous years, it had received two WARTO nominations. The Studio and ArtBrut Gallery’s projects have been included in the Wrocław 2016 European Capital of Culture application and programme.



The World of Hope Association launched this project in 2007 to seek and develop new solutions for the social integration of people who are intellectually impaired people and suffer from mental disorders. Designed as a long-term effort, the project encourages the social participation of disabled people by facilitating collaboration between Wrocław’s leading art and cultural organizations such as Song of the Goat Theatre, the Ossoliński National Institute, Wrocław Contemporary Museum, Academy of Fine Arts Museum, BWA Wrocław – Galleries of Contemporary Art, WRO Art Centre Foundation, Polski Theatre, Municipal Gallery, Entropia Gallery, Gazeta Wyborcza Wroclaw and organisations working with the disabled people. This ensures the high quality of work performed for the project by therapists and experts from different fields of art and culture. The project enables participants to meet and work with artists and other professionals from the world of culture. It develops participants’ creative skills and involves them in social and cultural events thus integrating them into society. Long-term collaboration makes it possible to seek and implement modern methods and unusual solutions for the social and occupational inclusion of special needs people. The idea of the project is to overcome the fear of contact with people with disabilities and mental disorders, arising from a negative, stereotypical perception of such people.